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AFTERPAY now Avalible!

Shipping policy

orders are fulfilled 1 to 3 business days from the date of purchase. below is a list of shipping times we offer from our warehouse to different regions and countries. 


Australia: 7 to 14 days 

New Zealand: 7 to 14 days  

United Kingdom: 7 to 14 days 

United States: 7 to 14 days 

Canada: 14 to 20 days 


Please note that these shipping times are based on no delays or unexpected issues taking place, we can not guarantee that your order will arrive in the above mentioned times as once the package leaves our hands it is up to the courier and logistics company. for further information please contact our support team at

90 Day Guarantee

100% refund, no questions asked with in 90 days!

Easy Use

Designed to make brushing easier for toddlers and kids who are unable to handle and maneuver  traditional single head toothbrushes.

Breezy Brushing

Ergonomically shaped and designed specifically for growing teeth to reach even the hardest of spots eliminating bacteria in 45 seconds , making it easier for you to encourage your children to form self care routines.

Fun for All

2 fun designs to choose from with a 3 in one station for charging, drying, and blue light disinfection making the entire process independently fun for your child and stress free for you.