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The Breezy Brush is for children from 2 to 7 years of age, perfect for the first toothbrush or for older children struggling to adapt to standard hard to use toothbrushes.

No! The Breezy Brush is made from Food grade silicone (BPA Free) designed to easily adapt to children's mouths of all sizes from 2 to 7 years of age.

The bristles are made from Food grade silicone (BPA Free) designed to be gentle on sensitive or sensory issue mouths yet tough enough to thoroughly clean in the automated 45 seconds.

We recommend replacing it every 6 months.

Easy Breezy! Simply rinse the toothbrush head well under cold or warm water and place onto the 3 in one charging station to dry, blue light disinfect and start charging.

The breezy Brush takes 3 hours to fully charge, once completely charged it will provide enough battery to brush your teeth twice a day for upto 3 weeks.

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90 Day Guarantee

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Easy Use

Designed to make brushing easier for toddlers and kids who are unable to handle and maneuver  traditional single head toothbrushes.

Breezy Brushing

Ergonomically shaped and designed specifically for growing teeth to reach even the hardest of spots eliminating bacteria in 45 seconds , making it easier for you to encourage your children to form self care routines.

Fun for All

2 fun designs to choose from with a 3 in one station for charging, drying, and blue light disinfection making the entire process independently fun for your child and stress free for you.